September – November 2018

I can remember the exact day Marge suggested we should do the Movember 5k in 2012. I was then half way to losing what went on to be 6 and 1/2 stone in weight. I laughed out loud at the thought of me running! I knew Marge wasn’t messing about though and reluctantly accepted the challenge. As this was my first ever 5k, were never going to rival Mo Farah, but we did it and jogged the whole way without stopping. Just after I’d proudly collected my medal Marge said….right….Manchester 10k next! Once again a hearty laugh echoed and yet somehow 6 months later I found myself nervously waiting at the start line for the Manchester 10k! I completed it in what was always going to be a PB, as I’d never run that far before. Marge met me at small pub not far from the finish line and handed me a pint. Right, Great North Run next…she said! Only if I can do it on a Segway, I said! All I can say at this point, is Marge is a very persuasive and determined best friend, and yes here I am writing my first blog as I train for a half marathon. Even writing that sentence makes my heart miss a few beats.

Over the course of the last two years my weight has been on the increase. Work, love and life all taking over any fitness time. When I accepted Marge’s invite to the fortybyforty challenge I knew a few things would need to change. I have such a bad relationship with food, my weight has tended to yo-yo up and down my whole life. Commitment to this gave me the kick up the arse I needed to get back on it. I began dieting in September and set myself realistic mini targets, so far I have hit them all (some a few weeks in advance) and as I write this today am 1lb away from 2 stone off. I would still like to lose another stone.

I did my first 3k run at the beginning of September (when I say run, let’s just be clear I mean jogging with the odd walking break in between). I stuck to 3k for two weeks, running approximately 3 times a week. Every two weeks I have added a km on. Most weeks I have managed 2-3 runs a week and also added my badminton club into the mix from November as an extra cardio session. Monday 20th November saw the start of 7k week. I was a bit daunted by this, but every week before when the km was added on, I had the same feeling, stuck with it and achieved it. I appreciate 7k is a very long way away from a half marathon, but it is steady progress.

In terms of running entertainment, I am addicted to musicals, so every musical going plays through my headphones (the more dramatic the musical composition the better)! I also run with my beautiful dog Bella. She is a Pug/Bichon/Miniature Poodle /unhinged ball of energy and faster than a greyhound running to catch the last bus home! She pulls me along like a husky and loves every second and could easily do 10k plus!

Alzheimer’s effects so many people. I have seen firsthand the speedy decline in RA (Richard) and my own Godmother becomes increasing unwell with this vile disease, it’s so sad. Team fortybyforty can really make a difference for this amazing charity and I am so proud to be a part of that. I am not a runner and I’m not interested in PB results. I do however find myself with a reason to get fit again and it has been the best decision to take part in this amazing challenge. At this stage I have absolutely no idea how I am going to run the final distance, but I will keep chipping away at the little plan I have created and hope for the best! By my calculations I should be up to 14k when I next write my blog in February 2019…we will see!

Bella the dog
Bella the dog taking a short break from training

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