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We’re delighted to sponsor team 40 x 40.

The TopCashback brand not only reflects values of working tirelessly to bring members the sweetest deals, being agile in a competitive environment and showing leadership in the field, but also of being ethical, charitable and innovative.

Each year, TopCashback staff members vote to decide which charity the company will support for the next 12 months, and we hold numerous fundraising events throughout the year. Everything from cake sales, both Eurovision and Grand National sweepstakes, PJ/Onsie day to Christmas Jumper day. Along with any other fundraising silliness we can think of.

Five facts about TopCashback

  1. UK’s Most Generous. Firstly, we have always been, and always will be, the UK’s Most Generous Cashback Website.
  2. Our Fair Play Principle. Secondly, we think you should also know that we are governed by our own “Fair Play” policy. Read more about our Fair Play Policy
  3. Our History. OK, OK, perhaps some of you want to know a little more. Well, if you’d like to read a little more information about the history of our site, then please read here: Our History
  4. Mission Statement. We’ve talked about our Mission Statement being at the heart of our business and underpinning our decisions. So here it is… Mission Statement
  5. What Can Go Wrong? Cashback is great. We think so anyway and we hope you agree. The millions of pounds earned by our members speaks for itself. However, there are things that can go wrong in the whole process. Find out more here… What Can Go Wrong?

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