At £24 billion each year, dementia costs the UK economy more than cancer and heart disease combined, but over two thirds of the care for dementia patients is paid for by themselves or their family. You can help by donating here.

Why the urgency?

Dementia research currently gets 13 times less funding than cancer so it needs all the support it can get.

Most of us know someone living with dementia – today there’s over 850,000 people diagnosed in the UK, but this is predicted to reach 2 million by 2051.

All money raised by our team  will go directly to Alzheimer’s Research – funding research into many different types of dementia.

How the money will be spent

All money raised by our forty will be spent directly on research into dementia.

Alzheimer’s Research UK receive no government funding for their research and are completely dependent on supporters to fund their research programme.

  • £20 raised pays for 1 hour of pioneering dementia research
  • £100 raised could provide the tools for scientists to map 10,000 genes in minute detail, identifying targets for the development of new treatments
  • £500 raised will cover the cost of a sensitive brain scan for a patient involved in a research study, tracking the effectiveness of new drug treatments, improving diagnosis and better understanding how diseases like Alzheimer’s wreak their havoc in the brain
  • £1000 raised will pay for reagents, unique chemicals that are crucial for successfully growing cells in a laboratory ready for disease study
  • £2500 raised will allow researchers to buy synthetically made amyloid, to better understand this hallmark Alzheimer’s protein in the lab.

More information about research into dementia can be found here.